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Cut and engrave designs using laser technology
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joey Easy to use

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Edwardo I am not sure what value this software would be to me. I use Coreldraw X8 and print direct to my Universal laser machine. Any other advice?

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Supernena Hi, I have a problem with this software because this software can't conect with the machine laser.
I don't know why and I need help

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Julio Aguilar Hello, how to make text curve?

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Tom Julio Aguilar, I really doubt it's powerful enough to do that in the program, but it can import from other programs; you'll have to do your own research on formats. I expect you would have to convert text to paths when you output from your favourite vector graphics app. I haven't yet found a route that works for me, trying to convert SVG graphics for use with RDWorksV8, but otherwise SVG would be a good solution; they can definitely write along a curved line, which I think is what you mean.

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tim Tom, I create in Corel Draw, then export as AI format. Then import into RDworks, this works

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bin Hello, how to design or edit cut property in RDworks?

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Dolphy Pocong Excellent laser cutter.

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Guest Any way to get English help topics inside the program?

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